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1926  -  2005







The company Vedette was established in 1962 by Fiore Viassione who was a passionate fisherman and part of the Fiat Angling Team and decided to convert his passion and hobby into his full time job.

In 1971 his daughter Fiorella joined the firm.

The company operates with wholesaler all over the world and is actively searching for new customers.

The company produces different kinds of angling equipment:

Floats: weighted floats, floating feeders, transparent tubular English style floats, water filled floats; 

Line threaders; Weighted distributor boxes with and without weights, tubes with lead shot, fly boxes;

Transparent and coloured bombs, weights especially designed for carp-fishing;

Various weights for trout in rivers or lakes; Disgorgers for trout, depth sinkers; plastic fishing accessories;

Sinkers,  weights and various items for sea-fishing; perforated sand weights, weights and fishing-lines for surf-casting.

We specialize in the production of SOFT LEAD SPLIT SHOT WEIGHTS, we are able to supply small or large quantities, even in 25 kg bags.

In 2017, we began to collaborate with another firm, the M2Fishing based in Bultei (SS), Sardinia. The owner Mr. Meloni, who has taken over some of our machinery and equipment, has continued to produce our foundry items providing the same quality and professionality that has always distinguished us.

From the 1st of January 2019 the company M2Fishing has taken over all our machinery and our residual production and will continue in full ownership of the Vedette brand.

The new company welcomes wholesalers all over the world.

M2 FISHING di Meloni  -  Via Aligi Sassu 3  -   07010   BULTEI   (SS)

Tel. (+39) 349 4709191  -  Fax (+39) 079795823 - 

Email   meloni@vedette.it  -  https://www.m2fishing.com

P. IVA 01537320903 - C.F. MLNNNB61B16Z112Q