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1926  -  2005








The company Vedette was established by Fiore Viassone, a passionate fisherman who was a member of the Fiat Fishing Team, in 1962. Like many in the industry, he decided to make fishing his work and not just his hobby. In 1971 his daughter Fiorella joined the firm, which now employs twelve people. It operates all over Europe dealing with wholesalers and is now looking for new customers.

The company produces floats, floats with lead, bait floats, transparent tubular English style floats, water filled floats; line threaders; weight distributor boxes, with and without weights, tubes with lead shot, fly boxes; transparent and coloured bombs, weights especially designed for carp-fishing; various weights for trout in rivers or lakes; disgorgers for trout, depth sinkers; plastic fishing accessories; sinkers,  weights and various items for sea-fishing; perforated sand weights, weights and fishing-lines for surf-casting.

Since 2011 VEDETTE  has started the manufacture of new leads  and ecological products, lead free, to protect environment.

The company welcomes wholesalers enquiries world-wide. 

Corso Grosseto 273/c - 10147 TORINO - ITALY   Tel. 0039 - 0112266122 - Fax 0039 - 0112267927